Fat-Logic #1: I don’t have time to exercise

Over the coming months I will be picking apart and busting open many different fat-logic beliefs. What is fat-logic exactly? Urban Dictionary has a pretty good definition:

Rationalization or justification of behaviors that reinforce or keep a person fat.

Justifying eating patterns (I can only ever eat fast food, I don’t have time to go home to eat or the money to buy my own groceries and make my own food).

Rationalizing fatty behaviors (I went on the elliptical for fifteen minutes, therefore I deserve a grand feast at the Golden Corral).

The fat-logic of the day is “I don’t have time to exercise!” Let me get this out of the way before going too far into the dissection of the fat-logic: you don’t exercise to lose weight; you exercise to get healthy. Weight loss and getting healthy are independent of each other. Do they have dependencies on each other? Absolutely. However you can lose weight without doing any exercise at all, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

Back to the logic. I actually found myself stuck using (and believing!) this logic about 2 months ago. My schedule looked something like this:

7:30-8:00AM – Wake up
8:30AM – Leave for work
8:30-9:30AM – Commute to work
9:30AM-5:30PM – Work
5:30PM-6:30PM – Commute home
6:45-7:00PM – Eat Dinner
7:00-9:00:PM – Play with daughter
9:00-9:30PM – Put daughter to bed
9:30-11PM – Spend time with wife
11:00PM-12:00AM – Go to bed

I used my schedule as a crutch and had all sorts of awesomelame¬†excuses: I don’t have enough time to commute to a gym, if I do any exercise I won’t have enough time to sleep, I can’t sacrifice time with my wife and daughter just to exercise, etc, etc. I didn’t realize what I was doing, I thought I was in a situation where exercise just wasn’t gong to be possible for me. I was okay with that, dare I say it: I was happy!

However, one night after realizing that I was getting winded walking up the stairs to check on my daughter I knew something needed to change. I was already losing weight so I had to focus on something else. I decided that I would start going to bed around 10:30 and getting up 45 minutes earlier and just go for a jog outside. I live in Northern California where the weather is perfect that time of morning for a short jog.

I started jogging and I started to feel pretty good about myself but I wanted to keep myself from getting bored. I started looking around on Craigslist and realized I could spend less than a years worth of gym memberships on a weight set for the garage and start doing some weight training. I spent about a week watching Craigslist until I found the deal I was looking for. I picked up the weights and *BAM*, home gym. I didn’t even have to change my schedule this time, I just started doing weights on the days I wasn’t jogging.

My new schedule now looks something like this:

7:00AM – Wake up
7:00-8:00AM Workout and shower
8:30AM – Leave for work
8:30-9:30AM – Commute to work
9:30AM-5:30PM – Work
5:30PM-6:30PM – Commute home
6:45-7:00PM – Eat Dinner
7:00-9:00:PM – Play with daughter
9:00-9:30PM – Put daughter to bed
9:30-10:45PM – Spend time with wife
10:45PM – Go to bed

I still get plenty of sleep, still get to spend time with my wife and daughter and I am now able to fit workouts into my schedule. The bottom line is this: You don’t need a ton of time to work out and you don’t need to go to a gym to work out. If* you can fit 30-45 minutes into your schedule 3-5 times a week you can exercise.

* Every single person out there can fit 30 minutes into their schedule 3 days a week. If you find yourself saying “I can’t do that, I’m too busy!” then you are succumbing to fat-logic.

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One thought on “Fat-Logic #1: I don’t have time to exercise

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